Freeman Formula

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If you are looking for information for

Project 42 or for the new Freeman Formula products please visit: 



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Sunday with Kristi:
7am Yoga & Stretching
8am Yoga & Stretching



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What's an excuse?
Excuses are lies. 
Lies you tell yourself....


Project 42 Athletes~
 You are stronger & more driven than anyone you know.
There are no good excuses in your book!  
Keep strong and "embrace the challenge".
Make every workout count.
Have great body comps!!!

One week

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Hey Well Rounded Athletes~

One week to your 1/2 way Body Comps.


Are you on track?  
If you have any questions about diet or supplements ask NOW~

Are you doing your extra interval cardio on M/W/F and Sunday?
Are you eating all your meals? 
Are you giving 100% in every workout? 
Is you mind set right?
Are you doing all the small things to have
big results
in that body comp next week?

If you need help email me or ask any of us.  That's why we are here...

Please sign up on Monday or Tuesday at the front desk for your body comps.

Please, please check your cars, workout bags and clothes hampers for our towels.  
You are more than welcome to use them while in the facility,
however that's where they should stay.  
WinkThank you.

Also, we offer you a facility unlike any other.
Please take that into consideration while using your club.  
Please place your gum in the garbage.
Take off all muddy shoes in the foyer.
Recycle your plastic bottles. (it's good for the environment)

One more thing~
Anyone who owes payments, your second payment is due now.
Thank You


Power Of Why

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Stregthen Your Power of Why...

What is the Why that keeps You driven?

The simple question of Why is what keeps you motivated
and moving toward your purpose.
Revisit your goals and develop your WHY...
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